LOST YOUTH Community Forum - October 22, 2014

Join Us for a Forum on Gun Violence, Community Trauma & Opportunities for Action



While many are talking about “Collective Impact,” the Violence Prevention Coalition continues to advocate for what we call “collaborative impact.” In other words, what happens when community organizations come together, to leverage resources to achieve common goals.



Our Work Groups are issue-oriented groups focusing on advancing the conversation of violence prevention in their area. Work Groups may focus on advocacy, trainings, providing shared resources, and researching best practices.


Coalition-Wide Meetings

Our Coalition-Wide Meetings are held quarterly, and are open and free to all. Each meeting highlights a topic that has emerged as an area or issue of interest to our membership.

  • Parents, Kids, Guns, and Responsibility

    Parents, Kids, Guns, and Responsibility

    Dear Members, Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Attorney filed charges against a parent for unsafe gun storage after their teenage son brought a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun to his high school. The gun was confiscated before any injury occurred, andRead More »

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Often many of us wonder if we are the only ones laboring intensively to remake our society to one where non-violence and peace are priorities. As a member of the VPC I know that I am not alone. I see the efforts of the many dedicated VPC members either via a communication tool or in-person at an event. I know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, in this movement today. So I feel empowered and energized. I don’t have to fix it by myself.

Brian Biery Director of Community Organizing, Flintridge Center

Violence is Preventable

Over the past twenty years, the Violence Prevention Coalition has been at the forefront of the movement to frame violence as a public health issue. We believe violence is the most urgent public health issue of our time. As one of the leading causes of death among our young people nationwide, violence is an epidemic that needs to be recognized, named, and treated with the same investment we give lethal diseases.

Public Policy & Legislation Committee