Our mission is to end the epidemic of violence in the Greater Los Angeles region. We come together from diverse sectors to share our knowledge and expertise, collaborating on strategies to make our communities a place where all people can heal and thrive.

With the recent report from the City of Los Angeles that violent crime is on the rise, we want to hear from you. What are your concerns? What can we do collectively to ensure that violence goes down and stays down? What policies need to change? How should resources be allocated? What has worked well that needs to be scaled up? What do people in your community need in order to reach their full potential? Let’s get creative and think outside the box!

Submit your comments and ideas below. Thanks for your input!

Decreasing violence, increasing hope

One thought on “Decreasing violence, increasing hope

  • July 10, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    1. Learn about the violent incidents – the parties involved, especially the perpetrator (if one is distinguishable in the situation) may have a lot to tell us about what led to the incident(s) and their personal histories. This has to be separate from their criminal case processing to allow them to speak freely and not incentivize them to misrepresent the situation.
    We can put together the information from many cases and generate several predominant scenarios.
    2. Speak and act against the example of violence and escalation being set by government jurisdictions — local, state, national, and international.
    3. Be relentless in our own practices of refusing escalation invitations or opportunities, and instead affirming dignity even amidst disagreement.
    4. Work for social equality and human rights for all in all situations.


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