VPC Annual Report 2014
VPC Annual Report 2014

The VPC was established in 1991 in response to the escalating epidemic of fatal violence in Los Angeles County.  Looking at the ongoing epidemic of violence, the Coalition came together organically, realizing that a coalition of many diverse organizations and individuals had greater power to effect change than individual organizations. The coalition is a public/private network of organizations and individuals dedicated to preventing and reducing violence and the injuries and disabilities caused by violence using public health methodology and models.  Members represent governmental and community agencies with representation from well-established and grass roots agencies and organizations.  Members are from domestic violence shelters and programs, gang intervention and prevention programs, rape crisis centers, law enforcement, the arts, after school programs, parenting and conflict resolution organizations, the media, the judicial system, children of incarcerated parents, schools, gun violence prevention programs, policy makers and many others.  Members are as diverse as the county of Los Angeles itself. Using the public health model means we are dedicated to changing community norms from the notion that violence is inevitable and acceptable to violence is preventable in any of its forms.  That is the VPC goal.  The VPC has been recognized for its work by the American Public Health Association, the Safe States Alliance, for its national work and it’s collaboration with national partners to effect changes at the federal level.

The VPC has been successfully involved in changing policy around easy access to guns and ammunition, advocating for the clearing the backlog of rape kits, and assuring that hospitals continue to participate in the collection of evidence to assist the prosecution of sexual violence.  In addition the VPC has served as a model for the establishment of similar groups across the country, and internationally in locations as diverse as Scotland, Brazil, and New Zealand.

VPC Timeline

1991: VPC formed under Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

1992-1993: First National Conference on Violence Prevention

1994-1995: Hosted first Youth Forums

1995-1996: First Gun Legislation passed banning Saturday Night Specials

1996-1997: Co-sponsored sexual assault conference

1997-1998: First Angel of Peace Awards

1998-1999: First Youth Challenge Grants given; Hosted first youth basketball tournament

1999-2000: VPC facilitated the Million Mom Marches in Los Angeles

2000-2001: Hosted first Dance for Peace

2001-2002: Closing of LA County gun shows; ban on junk guns passed

2002-2003: City passes ban on 50-caliber guns

2003-2004: Tony Borbon Youth Scholarship Fund established

2004-2005: Chief of Police, Los Angeles City Council call violence a “public health issue”

2005-2006: Collaborated on “Call to Action” Report to L.A. City Council

2006-2007: Accepted as a Project of Community Partners; Ambassador’s Council formed

2007-2008: VPC Founder Billie Weiss awarded the California Peace Prize

2008-2009: VPC hosts conference on hospital-based prevention work; co-sponsored Youth PROMISE Act hearings

2009-2010: VPC founder Billie Weiss co-chairs national UNITY network

2010-11: Domestic Violence/Gang Violence nexus learning symposium series launched; released Community Safety Scorecard

2011-2012: VPC hosts First Annual Los Angeles Gang Violence Intervention and Prevention Conference; celebrates 20 Years by honoring founder Billie Weiss

2013: Released a Framework for Community-Based Regional Reintegration Councils

2014: Launched the Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network