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Dear Partners,

Thank you for joining us last week as we celebrated the inspiring leadership of Union Bank, ABC Family’s The Fosters, and Peace Over Violence’s Patti Giggans at the Angel of Peace Awards Luncheon!

The weather was beautiful, and the mood festive. It was such a treat to see, connect, and reconnect with everyone. We had over 180 attendees, and over 45 organizations represented. It was indeed a gathering of family.

Click here to view photos from the event:

Thank you for showing up in your work, and in your efforts to make Los Angeles a safer, healthier community for everyone.

As we head into the last four weeks before the election, I want to remind you to dig deep, and make a commitment to the Coalition. Commit an hour to join a phone bank effort and turn out the vote. Commit three hours to knock on doors. Commit twenty minutes to show up at your polling place on Nov. 4 and vote.

Or click here, to make a donation to the VPC, and support our efforts with a financial contribution.

In four weeks we will have an opportunity to weigh in on systems leaders, and system practice, and we cannot waste it. Laws and policies don’t change by themselves. We make it happen. Because we know that hope is resilient.


Photos by Cam Sanders


Hope is Resilient