Dear Partners,

Once again, thank you to all who made our Angel of Peace event such a success! For those who were not able to join us as we honored Union Bank, ABC Family’s The Fosters, and Peace Over Violence’s Patti Giggans, you can click here to view photos:

We honor our change makers, knowing that it is up to all of us to step up. Laws and policies do not change on their own. In a few weeks we will have an opportunity to weigh in on systems leaders, and system practice, and we cannot waste it. We must commit to educating ourselves and our peers, and to taking action. This week we’re sharing resources, information, and opportunities to engage, and encourage you to step up and be a part of making change.

On October 22nd, we will be hosting a special Coalition-Wide meeting at Amity Foundation, where we will be discussing connections between gun violence, community trauma, and opportunities for action. This forum will include a presentation of the most recent national data on youth homicide by the Violence Policy Center out of Washington, DC, along with a special case study on Los Angeles County over the past four years, as well as how that information calls us to change how we approach youth violence and community violence, to move away from suppression, and towards prevention policies and strategies.

I hope you can join us, as we continue to advance these conversations.

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In partnership,

Learning, Educating, Taking Action