Dear Members,

We’re so excited to announce a new collaboration for the Violence Prevention Coalition. We have officially partnered with the Violence Policy Center out of Washington D.C. to be their voice in California sharing their research and reporting on gun violence and its impacts.

Beyond the fun of sharing acronyms, we share a vision of educating and empowering communities with strong data and research to support public perceptions around gun violence, support community-driven efforts to advocate for systems change, and make the case for gun violence as a public health crisis.

Lost Youth Community Forum

For those who were able to join us, you witnessed the power of this partnership in action, as Josh Sugarmann shared the Violence Policy Center’s Lost Youth Report, alongside Peace Over Violence’s Brenda Ingram, who spoke on trauma, and the impacts of trauma, particularly as it relates to gun violence creating a self-perpetuating cycle of violence, and our own Steering Committee Vice Chair Adela Barajas, who brought in the perspective of those who are directly impacted by gun violence. Moderated by Children’s Defense Fund’s Michelle Newell, it was a moving and informative afternoon.

While we each retain our own identity and organizations, we’re proud to be partnering with the Violence Policy Center (or the VPC/DC, as we affectionately call them) to leverage the strengths of each organization to further and deepen our respective commitments and strategies to prevent gun violence.

In partnership,

Kaile Shilling
Coalition Director

Leveraging our strengths