Are you aware of the epidemic of weapons violence throughout the world? Last year alone, 3,350 children died in the USA by weapons violence. What we are witnessing is the growth of an epidemic so far without an antidote. The antidote is to shift our consciousness.

The Peace Angels Project is conceptual art with a powerful message: expressing our responsibility as humans to create a better world. By using melted down street weapons and the stainless steel core of decommissioned missiles to create large scale sculptures that are powerful images of compassion and unity, the Peace Angels Project permanently transforms these weapons of mass destruction into life affirming symbols of peace.

American contemporary artist Lin Evola founded the Peace Angels Project in 1992, while living in Los Angeles and becoming aware of the horrendous death toll that children, especially, were suffering from street weapons.

In 1995, Evola created the Renaissance Peace Angel, a 13 foot high sculpture which was brought to a gathering place for first responders near Ground Zero following the World Trade Center tragedy in 2001, and is now in the permanent collection of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Essential to the Peace Angels concept was the pledge that only authentic weapons from law enforcement and government would be used to create Peace Angel monuments. Thousands of weapons have been collected since 1997, and the donation of thousands more will be announced this December.

The Peace Angels Project has been recognized internationally by distinguished warriors for peace, including Queen Noor al Hussein of Jordan, who graciously accepted a Jerusalem Peace Angel in 1999, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond M. Tutu, and former President Nelson Mandela, who invited Evola to unveil the “Spirit of Africa” Peace Angel in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2003, among many others.

After years of preparation, the Peace Angels Project is ready to create its most critical monuments, two 64 foot high sculptures in New York City and Los Angeles, each of which will absorb one million weapons from the Peace Angels Project USA Weapons Destruction Campaign.

We are writing to ask you to become a part of the Peace Angels Project. Funds will be needed to construct the monuments, and you can help by donating – Drop a Dollar, or whatever you can afford – or by purchasing a piece of jewelry made of donated weapons metal, or a wristband that identifies you as a “Weapons Transformer”!

Please click on this link, learn more about the Peace Angels Project, and become a part of this critical effort.

Lin Evola, Founder, Peace Angels Project