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The Legislative and Public Policy Work Group serves as a resource for the VPC and its members in mobilizing and advocating for change on a systems level, both for member organizations and for the VPC as a whole by providing information on pending legislation, identifying the need for action around legislation, and providing/coordinating advocacy and voting education, awareness, and training as appropriate.

The Legislative and Public Policy Working Group has primary responsibility for identifying, reviewing, and making recommendations to the Steering Committee and staff regarding the VPCs involvement in legislative and policy efforts. It also serves as an advisory resource for policy/advocacy efforts by other VPC Working Groups to ensure a unified stance on issues and provide education and guidance as appropriate.

VPC’s Policy Platform

The Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles (“VPC”) is committed to eliminating violence as a threat and impediment to safe, vibrant communities and human life. VPC members believe that the most effective way to prevent violence is by adhering to public health principles that address the social, cultural, economic, behavioral and environmental factors that contribute to violence, and recognize the interconnectedness of these factors. VPC members also recognize the importance of comprehensive, coordinated community involvement in violence prevention. To this end, the VPC engages in public policy education and advocacy that promotes a public health approach to violence prevention.

The VPC supports policies that:

  • Protect individuals, families and communities from interpersonal violence
  • Ensure that public and private agencies are adequately responding to community, family and interpersonal violence
  • Reduce youth and gang violence
  • Reduce access to firearms and ensure effective regulation of firearm sales and ownership
  • Promote quality education, personal development and leadership opportunities for youth
  • Ensure fairness, equity, justice and personal growth opportunities for marginalized and/or underserved groups including, but not limited to, currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, low-income individuals, LGBTQ communities, immigrant communities and communities of color
  • Ensure funding opportunities for community-based organizations engaged in creating peaceful and healthy communities
  • Promote prevention-based programs as a primary strategy for reducing interpersonal and community violence

With regard to the issues outlined above, the VPC:

  • Works to create a unified voice on, and solutions to, public policy issues through discussion and collaboration among VPCs diverse membership
  • Supports or opposes legislation and policy initiatives at the local, state and federal levels
  • Educates policymakers about the interests and concerns of VPC members
  • Provides timely updates to VPC members on critical policy issues and actions
  • Provides information and resources to VPC members for engaging in public policy advocacy
  • Encourages VPC members to influence policy by taking action to voice their opinions
  • Engages in grassroots advocacy and coalition building, including leveraging VPC’s network of members and allies to promote action on shared priorities