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The purpose of the Community and Faith-Based Reentry Coalitions Network is to provide a space for individuals to connect from across L.A. County who are developing local community & faith-based coalitions to better serve the reentry community in their area. It is a space where we learn from one another and strategize how to advocate for our collective needs and goals. We hope to bring more community- and faith-based representation to L.A. County’s decision making around reentry and realignment. All are welcome to attend. The Network is co-facilitated by the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles and Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches. For more information, please contact reentry@vpcgla.org.


L.A. County Reentry Events

Framework for a Community-Based Reentry Coalitions Network

50% Campaign Summit Summary – August 13, 2015

Reentry Coalitions:

Pasadena/Altadena Reintegration Council

Jaylene Moseley – jaylene@flintridge.org

Greater Inglewood Reintegration Council

Dwayne Dickson – dwaynesuccess@youth4justice.org

Pomona Valley Reentry Coalition

Rev. Nora Jacob – nora.b.jacob@gmail.com

El Monte Reentry Collaborative

Daniel Healy – daniel@vpcgla.org

Antelope Valley Reentry Coalition

Janie Hodge – janie@pavingthewayfd.com


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