The mission of the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles is to unify and strengthen voices of member organizations and individuals committed to ending the epidemic of violence by providing education, resources and policy advocacy.

Since 1991, the VPC has been a leader in the movement to frame violence as an issue of public health, rather than criminal justice. Members represent public and private organizations, including public health, legal community, gun violence prevention, domestic violence, probation, law enforcement, gang intervention, child abuse prevention, victim support services, arts organizations, education organizations, early childhood, and youth development, with the understanding that only through collaboration can we make Los Angeles a safer and healthier place for us all. The VPC recognizes that large-scale social change requires broad cross-sector collaboration and coordination.

As a backbone organization for collective change, the VPC coordinates, educates, and facilitates among our membership, ensuring communication among organizations involved in related work, increasing collective learning, and providing a link between the work in the field and advocacy on a city, state, and national level. By serving as a hub resource, the VPC is able to create a ripple effect throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, as our members increasingly embrace a public health approach to violence prevention.

We believe violence is the most urgent public health issue of our time. As one of the leading causes of death among our young people nationwide, violence is an epidemic that needs to be recognized, named, and treated with the same investment we give lethal diseases. It compromises community health, and creates and exacerbates health inequities. Violence is complex, and solutions to violence must be comprehensive. By seeing violence as a learned behavior, the VPC holds that alternatives to violence can also be learned.